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Motion Light Wedding Films Logo

Hi, I’m Alan. A Cheshire Wedding Videographer. I cover the surrounding areas: Manchester, Lancashire and occasionally I nip over to Yorkshire! Here’s me with my wife on one of our adventures!

Cheshire wedding videographer

A lot of videographers will have a picture of them holding a camera. Just so you know they’re not a salesman for a small midwestern regional paper company! Not me but if your interested, here’s a photo of some of the equipment I’ll use to film your wedding. You can also check out some of my work if you haven’t already.

Cheshire wedding videography equipment

When I’m not creating wedding videos, I’ll often be found in the kitchen creating questionable snacks. Like my infamous hummus and sardine wrap. I’m also beholden to a little guinea pig called Ren! Who ends up eating all the vegetables that I pretend I’m buying for myself!